Stand Up Comedians

  • Wild 'N Out Comedy Tour
    Wild 'N Out Comedy Tour
  • Michael Blackson
    Michael Blackson
  • Omar the Comedian
    Omar the Comedian
  • Donnel Rawlins
    Donnel Rawlins
  • Pat Brown
    Pat Brown
  • Trev Houston
    Trev Houston
  • Wil Sylvince
    Wil Sylvince
  • Jay Alexander
    Jay Alexander
  • Haitian Jo
    Haitian Jo
  • Drew Fraser
    Drew Fraser



Nick Canon’s Wild’N Out Comedy College Tour

2 Featured Comedians have a 15-minute set each. Following these sets, 2 comedians will act as team leaders as 2 teams of students battle it out on the stage to prove who is the funniest.